Warm and Cold Shells

Standing at the forefront of innovation in naturally self-heating and self-cooling thermal wellness, skincare, massage and beauty products, Spa Revolutions introduces the thermaBliss® Enhancement
Collection empowering spa professionals and distributors with ultra-premium products designed for client exclusive,
effective and sanitary results.
With these first-to-market long-lasting, appliance-free thermal wellness tools for professionals that address massage,
skincare, body, and nail services, Spa Revolutions leverages their proprietary mineral energy thermaBliss® ChargeTM activated by water to enable five-star thermal wellness treatments for spas, wellness retreats, chiropractic, physical therapy, dental, dermatological industries as well as salons. thermaBliss technology with LavaGel® enables on-demand, cost-effective, game-changing, portable treatments
featuring thermal wellness applications:
• lasting up to 90+ minutes
• sustained mineral energy activated instantly with water
• appliance-free, battery-free, electricity-free, flame-free and safe
• portable, lightweight & compact
• client-exclusive, single-use and sanitary
The powerful effects of thermal wellness enhancements include:
• Radiant mineral heat delights clients & induces relaxation
• Heat increases nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood flow through vasodilation & conversely cold produces vasoconstriction, promoting health & rejuvenation from within
• Stimulates skin’s natural process of self-hydration & prepares skin for optimal permeability (up to 10x more
receptive than dry skin)
• Accelerates the molecular action of every skincare product & active topical, while speeding the tie to the

Natural thermaBliss Shells

Available in three options, therapists are empowered to select the best option for the treatment or client.  When filled with the patented self-heating thermaBliss mineral energy, thermaBliss Shells heat for up to 90 minutes, depending on the selected thermaBliss charge, giving you the same heat as a traditional hot stone massage with just two stones or shells – no electricity of equipment needed.

Non-porous surface of all thermaBliss Stones & Shells allow for super fast cleaning and sanitization in under 2 minutes

thermaBliss Natural Codaca (Tiger Striped clam) Shells 

100% real Codacia shells are hand-selected in the Philippine Islands for their unique size, shape and structural integrity.  Codacia shells are carefully matched by size, sanded and polished to reveal their unique luster, bonded together and sealed to form a beautiful massage implement – a gem of the ocean!  Use of the shell helps reduce therapist stress, strain and injury, while extending careers.  Being an organic product, these shells vary naturally in size, shape, color and pattern.

thermaBliss Natural Cowrie Shells  

The Natural Cowrie Shell is, perhaps, the most versatile shell massage tool.   Its unique contours and ergonomic shape enable the therapist to utilize hot or cold therapy, delighting clients with both hands-on and tool-driven massage, elevating any service with just 1 or 2 shells.  This enhancement therapy allows multiple modalities: trigger point, reflexology (hands, feet), spot therapy (neck, head), as well as facial services.  Use of the shell helps reduce therapist stress, strain and injury, while extending careers. 

thermaBliss Ceramic Codacia (Tiger Striped clam) Shells

Handcrafted of the highest quality ceramic and crushed seashells, each shell is hand-painted, replicating the beautiful luster and appearance of the natural Codacia shell.  Use of the shell helps reduce therapist stress, strain and injury, while extending careers.  Uniform in size and thickness for easy heat management.

When filled with the patented self-heating technology of thermaBliss mineral energy,  thermaBliss Stones heat for up to 90-minutes, depending on the selected charge, giving you the same heat as a full hot stone massage with just two stones – no electricity of equipment needed.

thermaBliss Charges

Each thermaBliss Charge contains a distinct mixture of mineral energy technology. The magic is is in the minerals.  This breakthrough technology uses a powerful, patented blend of magnesium, iron, and salt that simply activates with water.

Each specific charge delivers a radiant, soothing and effective dose of heated or chilled therapy.

Body Level 2.0
Our most potent charge for medium to high heat massage and body treatments lasting up to 90 minutes.

Body Level 1.0
Ideal for 60-90 minute massage and body treatments at low-medium heat.

Facial Blend

For facial treatments, this mild blend lasts up to 60 minutes, stimulating the skin’s natural healing processes of vasodilation and hydration.  This blend is a powerful alternative to facial steamers, opening pores and allowing for optimum topical penetration. The Facial Blend can also be used in body treatments for those clients that are sensitive to heat.

Glacial Blend

On the chilled spectrum, use the Glacial Blend for vasoconstriction to minimize puffiness and swelling, sooth and cool overheated skin and close pores at the end of a spicy treatment.  Use the Glacial Blend in conjunction with any of the heated charges for contrast therapy.

I love massaging with shells. I hope you enjoyed the above information from Spa Revolutions.


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