What is Micoblading?

Microblading is the art of making realistic hair strokes with pigment to create the illusion of fuller brows. This is a semi-permanent procedure, with results that last about one year depending on your skin type. The benefit of microblading vs permanent makeup is it doesn’t go as deep into your skin. This means Microblading artist has more control over the ink making cleaner, crisper and more natural looking hair strokes for your eyebrows. It also will not fade into an undesirable color that permanent makeup does over time.

My Story

I was a victim of the 90’s and over tweezed my brows. For years I tried to grow out my brows and didn’t have any success. I tried various products to help grow my brows out and had a little success but not much on the new growth.

When I went to school for skin care I was introduced to the Microblading when an artist came into my school and gave us a demonstration. I couldn’t save my money fast enough! I wanted to get my brows done that day. After I finished school I researched a couple different Microblading artist in the Tampa bay area. Which lead me to Brent Weed. I followed his account on Instagram for a month or so. I loved all of his before and after photos he posted of his work. His work looks so natural to me with each individual hair stroke he made it gave a soft but full looking brow. I’m amazed how far semi-permanent make has come. The look of marker filled brows are over!

Before Pictures

microblading before picmicroblading before pic2

The Process

I booked my appointment for a consultation. At the consultation Brent talked about what I should expect from the treatment and he evaluated my skin to see if I was a good candidate for microblading. Luckily I was and then he took about 30 mins to map out my brows. Some may squawk at him taking this much time, but I loved that he took his time and made sure I was going to be happy with the shape of my brows!


Did it hurt?

Yes it did, was it so painful that cried out in pain or cried. Nope. If you have ever had extraction work done during a facial that amount of discomfort is a similar comparison as what Microblading felt like. The pain was not that bad. The bed I lay down on was comfy and Brent played music which help distract me.

I am so happy with my results. I am no longer spending so much time on doing my brows in the morning. My everyday make up routine is now down to 10 minutes!

SO here is the before and after shot . . .

microblading after picmicroblading after pic 2

brow (2)

I have absolutely no regrets. I love how my brows turned out. If you are considering doing Microblading. Do your research and find an artist that takes their time. This is one service I do not recommend going to Groupon for. Save your money and get it done right!


If you want to go where I got my brows done here is the information:

Flirt Wax Bar


4004 S Macdill Ave Unit 2

Tampa, Fl 33611


Brent did my brows and highly recommend him! If you do go to the Flirt Wax Bar, please let them know I referred you.


*** I was not paid to do this review or given any compensation.


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