Comfy clients equal happy clients

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There is nothing more annoying than laying down to enjoy a massage and the table is rock hard. One way to enhance your clients experience is to have a comfortable to table for clients to lay down on. Having a massage or an aesthetics table that has enough padding is key. No matter how good your facial or massage treatment is if you cheap out on the table clients won’t be able to relax and enjoy their service.

There are several types of tables out there that have extra thick padding. Oak Works and Earthlite are some of my favorite brands. I am also a huge fan of the electric table that adjust the heads and legs as well. There are also padding options that you can add to table. Massage Warehouse and Universal Spa Supplies are two companies that I like to get supplies from so check there if your looking for accessories to add onto your table.

Another nice touch to add to table is a table warmer. The two table warmers that I like the best by Oakworks and Earthlite.

Oakworks Premium Fleece Table Warmer

I like the Oakworks brand because it goes up to 135 degrees, down side for this heater that it turns off every 99 minutes. So, if you have cold treatment room and able to remember to reset the heater this is a good option for you.

oakworks table warmer

Earthlite Deluxe Fleece Table Warmer

The Eartlite table warmer is another good choice it goes up to 122 degrees and this is heater will stay on for up to 10 hours. This heater is great when you have lots of back to back appointments. You can turn it on at the beginning of day and not have to reset it after each client.

earthlite table warmer

Another must have for your treatment table is a water proof sheet that will go over table warmer and padding. That way you can wipe down and disinfect your table between clients. This will also protect your table warmer and padding from getting oil or product on them. You can find these at most spa supplies companies like I mention earlier.

Having a comfy table that is nice and warm is one of the many ways to enhance your treatments. So, if you haven’t laid down own your table in while, do it. See what your clients are feeling and make sure it’s comfortable. This is one way to make your clients have the best experience possible and keep them coming back to you.


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