Flowing facials

When I first started out in the spa industry in 2005 I was a licensed only as a massage therapist. I then later became licensed as a full specialist in the State of Florida. The Full Specialty license covers both Aesthetics and Nails. One of the things that surprised me when I went to school for skin care as how often we take our hands off the client. Coming a from a massage back ground it’s a big faux pas to step away from client and be hands off for longer than a few seconds. So, because of this Facials felt very choppy to me and didn’t like the amount of time I left the client during a facial treatment.

So, through some trial and error I figured out ways to minimize my loss of contact with the client. What I do is scan their face and do an eval when I go to pick up the client. Then I do another quick eval under the Mag lamp just make sure I know what their skin type. This is also when I’m asking what their concerns are and what they want to be addressed during the facial. While they’re getting on the table I will pull products and put them on a little art palette. The art palettes (basically it’s what you would use to put your paint on) you can find at a craft store for cheap. So, the palettes have all these little round divots to put product in and I dish everything out that I’ll need for their service. I always put the products in order of application, so everything is organized and easy to grab. This is also one way to watch your portion control and not use too much product.

This prep allows me to have a nice flow for the service. I’m not pausing to pull out a jar to get an additional product because it’s already out. I have everything within arm’s reach so I’m never really leaving the head of the table when I’m doing the facial. Whenever I can I always leave one hand on the client or near their head on the table. This allows the client to know where I am always.

One thing that is a pet peeve of mine is when Estheticians just put a product on and walk away. If I’m leaving an enzyme treatment on or a mask on for a while I’m not just sitting there I’m doing a massage on their neck, shoulders, arms, hands or feet. I’m not filling out a retail recommendation card or looking at my cell phone. So really the only time that my hands really leave the client as when I’m rinsing my hands or grabbing a towel from the hot towel cabinet. This hands-on approach can improve you flow and give your clients the touch they need.

How do you minimize your loss of client contact with your facial clients? Hear your feedback on how you can keep your facials from being choppy.


xo8 placenta stem cell mask

Earlier this month I was given a mask to try. I always like to try new products and is one of the perks of my job to test products out.
Disclaimer: Rose  Laudisio the CEO and Founder of xo8 Placenta Stem Cell Mask gave me the mask to try for free. I am not being paid to do this review.
The packaging is nice and straight forwards, it talks about the benefits of the mask and the ingredients.

List of the ingredients
The mask, see the tiny gold flakes!

The xo8 website has lots of information about their product,  I have shared some of their information below.


XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Mask uses a cocktail of 14 unique and highly active cosmeceutical-grade ingredients proven extremely effective in rejuvenating the skin. It also includes amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants necessary to fight the signs of aging.

These 14 key natural active ingredients are the driving force behind the XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Mask.

For more information in the ingredients and the mask check out this link


The Mask

The XO8 Mask Placenta Stem Cell Mask handles your deepest skin concerns with 14 natural ingredients applied directly to the skin. The Mask dramatically brightens, diminishes lines, fades dark spots, hydrates, soothes, nourishes, and tones, giving tired skin a boost and making lovely skin even lovelier.

Our mission is to provide an affordable, high­-end, cosmeceutical-grade product that uses advanced technology to produce incredible skin­-rejuvenating results.


Testing out the mask

When I first put the mask on I had a cooling sensation on my face. It has a pleasant fresh scent and not to over powering. The cooling sensation lasted the entire time I left the mask on, which was about 45 mins. 

Not the most flattering photo, but wanted to share what it looks like on


The results

Before and After

So I saw a small reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, redness and inflammation was reduced. My skin felt like it drank a full glass of water, nice and hydrated. My lips also felt a little fuller aswell. I’m sorry the before and after photos are not best quality, but if you study the photos you can see the differnece.

Update: This morning (did the mask last night) the lines in my forehead were resuce by almost 50%. Wow!


  • The mask would be good add-on to a facial, peel or microderm treatment. 
  • Spas and Estheticians could use this for extra revenue for spa services and sell it in retail as take home kits.
  • Downside to the mask is having to lay down. You can’t multi task while wearing the mask at home. 
  • Which is also a benefit because it made me lay down and relax for a bit.
  • I did notice some overall improvements right after using the mask, but not enough to see a huge difference. This maybe because I only did one treatment.
  • The following morning I saw more of difference in my fine lines, so I like that it keeps working after you take it off.
  • Its is not a vegan product since it does have sheep placenta in the mask. So that could be a turn off to some clients.
  • It would be nice if the mask could be used more than once or twice. But most sheet mask like the xo8 are usually one time use. 
  • I would be interested in using a serum with ingredients in the mask as a part of a at home skincare regiment.  At this time I believe xo8 only has the mask to offer clients.

Star Rating

                               *******                                 7 out of 10  (for normal to oily)


I would give the mask a 7 out of 10 for myself, I have normal to oily skin and still relatively firm. I would try the mask again and I also would recommend others to try it.

UPDATE:                                                               9 out of 10 ( for dry and mature skin types)

I tried the mask on a client who had very dry and mature skin. It did wonders for her skin a huge reduction in fine lines and the hydration was greatly boosted in her skin.


Hope you guys enjoyed the review, I look forward to sharing more products with you in the future.